Momfo: Pinterest Mom Fashion

After looking at what moms “should” wear I realized that it’s not only really expensive but it’s a little unreasonable ! I’m Aspen and I have a four month old baby boy Marcus aka bub and I spend my days with bub collecting slobber and spit up on my shirt and watching Netflix in my comfy clothes that I got from either target or ross . For those of you who have a pinterest please look up mom fashion if you don’t google it and pinterest will come up I promise and you will see all of the tight clothes with the heals that cost more then a whole lot of diapers ! Not sure about any of you but I am a stay at home military wife (for now) and we don’t have money like all of these celebrity moms that people seem to compare us to . I can’t go out and get Jimmy Choo’s or Michael Kors . Like today I got myself a $8.49 pair of heals from ross that I am very happy about (I was going to get a pair of $5 wedges but they were too small) but my heals they are a nice 3 inch strappy heal with a little peep toe all black (I don’t like to be too flashy) that can go with a nice dress or a pair of jeans ! I didn’t break the bank and I didn’t get something that I have to wear to the Grammys ! So please mommys check out ross and target (they have the best tee shirts, I buy all my plane v-necks there and I love them they last and they are so comfy) and keep in mind a small heal isn’t too much and a wedge is like walking in a regular pair of shoes your legs just look better . It takes just as long to slip on some heals as it don’t some flats ! Think about it 😉
That’s my momfo (mom info)
Later gators !